• John Lynch

    founder and President of RecruitMyCollege

John Lynch

John Lynch is the founder and President of RecruitMyCollege, and has over 25 years college placement experience, and over 20 years of public speaking teaching experience. He offers a unique approach to getting recruited and can help athletes from all sports get noticed, get recruited, and guide them through the process. Don't wait for the college to recruit you, learn how to recruit and impress them.

High Schools and Clubs

The top 10% of athletes get recruited easily, the other 90% have to be actively recruiting their schools. We can teach you and your athletes how to get the colleges of their choice interested in them, and then help guide you and them through the recruiting process.

Personal Coaching Available

Many athletes get noticed on the field of play but then fail to impress in their communication with the coach, so the coach loses interest in recruiting them. Learn how to communicate all the way through the recruiting process, and conduct a practice interview with a college coach. This will prepare you for your official or unofficial visit to college.


Steven Webb
NCAA updates.
Recruiting timelines.
How to best help athletes.
SAT/ACT/GPA reporting.
When to reach out to college coaches.
John Montgomery
NCAA Rules.
Choosing colleges.
Initial contact and recruiting videos.
Getting coach to watch me.
Visit day dos and don'ts.
Johnny Thompson
Parent roles.
What to say to Coach.
When to get involved with recruiting.
Pitfalls to avoid.
How to best help your athletic kid.
Benjamin Mendoza
Can be arranged any time during day.                                          Can split presentation with administrators and coaches if easier.    Flexible presentation times to accommodate part-time HS coaches. Learn what college coaches want to hear from HS coaches.
Joe Perez
Works best when organized as an assembly or right after school ends.  Please have athletes bring paper or phones to take notes.    You will have a greater chance of landing the college of your choice after listening to this presentation
Bobby Guerrero
Evenings are best to schedule parents School needs to publicize and coordinate with parents to set this up.                                    Presentation will save the HS coaches and administrators a lot of time and trouble in the recruiting cycle, and give families the insight to get the very best financial package

Most clubs are doing so much to improve their athletes and giving them all the athletic tools they need to succeed in their sport, but some don't have the time or the experience to get their players to college and obtain scholarships.
We can help coaches, parents and athletes understand the recruiting process better, and show you how to attract and retain the attention of the college coaches.
Because clubs work in many different ways regarding practice schedules, we will need to discuss how to best set up the presentations. We want to target a day that we can reach the most athletes and parents.
It's best if we can have 1 hour with the athletes and then 1 hour with parents but if needed, we can combine the two if the space and time permits. A good way to do this is to talk to the athletes first, then let them practice while we meet with the parents, and then we can finish by meeting with the coaches.
Understanding the difficulty of schedules, we can be flexible as to how we structure the day.

Identify suitable colleges and universities

What is the right fit for me. Have I got the basics right before I reach out to a college or a coach.

How to get a college coach interested in you

Help with emails and videos

Evaluation time

Visit Day

Decision Time

NCAA Checklist

SAT/ACT scores.  NCAA Eligibility Center. Help Transcripts Evaluation. When should I register. Basic NCAA rules to know College and University Requirements. College Soccer requirements


We will evaluate you on at least two occasions so we can make the best recommendation to you on the level of play best suited for you and to our coaching contacts

In Home Visit

Identify the right college fit. Learn the recruiting timelines.            Review your video and email. Practice college visit interview.          Advice for parents and athletes

Initial Contact with Coach

What will grab the coaches attention and make them want to recruit you. Video advice, email, phone calls, texts and social media training. Help with college applications. Get coach to come see you.                                      

Tournaments / Games

When possible, we provide live feedback to the college coach as they watch your game. With our help, you will stand out from all other recruits. We have personal relationships with many college coaches and can use that to open the door for your recruitment

College Visit Day

Interview practice reminders. What to expect during visit.                How to get the best offer. Get the best Financial Aid package.          Who should I ask to meet with. What questions should I ask.            Questions I should be prepared to answer.

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